Connect with customers instantly.

Your salespeople have good numbers, but they could be better. People with potential are struggling to make their quotas, and you don’t know why. You want your business to grow, and your clients to be happy with their service.

At OutLoud, we’ve developed workshops proven to improve sales teams’ numbers and customer satisfaction, by teaching your team acting techniques for connecting with customers instantly and developing real rapport with different personality types.

After the initial group workshop each team member gets personalized 1-1 phone sessions, where they’ll go over their particular issues and receive expert feedback from their OutLoud coach on how to improve their sales pitch, from which their managers will be able to track their progress and help them overcome their obstacles. How your sales reps get their message across through their vocal tone and body language, even over the phone, is the difference between a sale and a pass, or a great review and a terrible one.

Call us to find out how we can help your team, and your business, get to the next level!


Program details:

Who: Your team and an expert OutLoud coach

Where: Your place of work or other convenient venue

When: The date(s) of your choosing; 1 group workshop; 8 weeks phone coaching; each phone coaching session = ½ hour per sales rep, 10 reps max per coaching day for 5 hours total (1 hour lunch break for coach in between)


Before the event:

  • Initial conversation about what you need to make the workshop a success

  • Outline from OutLoud of proposed content (with any revisions you may want to make)

First event:

  • Powerpoint Presentation on OutLoud Philosophies, Techniques and Best Practices

  • Theatrical warm up with the sales team on their feet

  • Breakout groups to practice acting techniques like emotional recall and “verbing” to be persuasive and to connect with your customer

  • “Demo Role Play Coaching”; volunteers from the audience stand up to be coached by Will in front of the audience, in a role play format, to demonstrate “good and bad” sales tactics, with audience discussion and feedback (always funny and exciting!)

  • Q & A for audience to clarify or discuss any outstanding issues

Phone coaching sessions:

  • 1 on 1, ½ hour phone coaching sessions with members of your team

  • Role play of sales scenarios

  • Personalized feedback from coach, with 2-3 Takeaways & Homework

  • Discussion on personal goals, struggles and successes of sales rep

Next Steps


Schedule a free phone consultation with an OutLoud coach


Discuss the desired content and goals for the event


Book an OutLoud Workshop to ignite your team!