Find your voice and style of persuasion.

You’ve spent countless hours studying the law, from the mind-numbing “rule against perpetuities” to that old English case about the snail in the gingerbeer. But when it comes to oral advocacy — negotiating, cross-examining and arguing — you feel as though law school has not adequately prepared you. You’re now facing the added psychological hurdle of speaking in public to achieve the best results for your hopeful client.

In 4-8 weeks, you will learn acting techniques to help you: manage your nerves; find your voice and style of persuasion; improvise without losing your momentum; and convey confidence, authority and likeability. Overcome your fear and become proud of how well you speak in public.


Program details:

Who: You and an OutLoud coach

Where: Your place or ours

When: At a convenient time, for 1.5 hours per session, once or bi-weekly for best results


What you’ll learn:

  • Creation of a text or texts to work from: a litigation argument, cross examination scenario, conversation with client etc.

  • Pre-court appearance warm up and meditation exercises to calm nerves and get body, voice and mind ready for speaking

  • Acting techniques like emotional recall and “verbing” to speak with more passion and persuasiveness

  • Video recordings of your performances in class to watch back and analyze with your OutLoud coach

  • Daily exercises and weekly homework to apply skills and become more aware of your habits

  • Weekly check-ins to talk about struggles, successes and to track progress on goals

Next Steps


Schedule a free phone consultation with an OutLoud coach


Meet us for an initial assessment in our studio or your place


Plan a schedule that’s convenient, goal list, and strategy