We give speeches with valuable takeaways.

If you have an upcoming learning event or a conference and want a guaranteed home run, book OutLoud founder Will to speak!

As an actor and speaking coach, Will’s content and performance style always leave audiences invigorated, with valuable, instantly useable takeaways that help them become better communicators in their work and personal lives. Instead of the traditional PowerPoint lecture, Will gets his audience up on their feet, practicing hilarious and helpful acting exercises, and teaches them classic and modern acting philosophy, as well as empathy, power dynamics, cultural communication tendencies, and evolutionary psychology, all of which contribute to the unique OutLoud Method.

Best of all, members of the audience will get up on stage to speak and be coached by Will, in order to get his expert, personalized feedback, which provides learning opportunities for the audience as well. Then, the Q&A will allow people to go deeper into the fascinating work of public speaking and communication. Book Will and watch the positive feedback roll in!


Program details:

Who: You and OutLoud coach & co-founder Will

Where: Your learning event venue

When: The date(s) of your choosing, and a meet up beforehand to discuss content and details


Before the event:

  • Initial conversation about what you need to make your event a success

  • Outline from OutLoud of proposed content (with any revisions you may want to make)

At the event:

  • Powerpoint Presentation on OutLoud Philosophies, Techniques and Best Practices

  • Theatrical warm up with the audience on their feet

  • Breakout groups to practice acting techniques like emotional recall and “verbing” to speak with more passion and persuasiveness

  • “Demo Coaching”; volunteers from the audience stand up to be coached by Will in front of the audience, and receive a video of their 5-10 minute coaching session; volunteers get a personalized assessment of their habits, acting exercises, and rehearsal techniques

  • Q & A for audience to clarify or discuss any outstanding issues

Next Steps


Schedule a free phone consultation with an OutLoud coach


Discuss desired content and goals for the event


Book Will to make your event extraordinary!