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We give speeches with valuable takeaways.

Your team of made up of good people, but their ability to work together, or lack thereof, is holding them back from being great. Good interaction between colleagues can mean the difference between getting project done on time and under budget, or failing to and losing a client.

Any positive workplace culture depends on open, honest and empathetic channels of communication, and our workshop will show your people how to foster the type of environment famous at Google, T-Mobile and Costco. Attendees learn acting techniques to speak more clearly and concisely, and actively listen with more empathy. Improv techniques like “yes, and…” and role playing will help them learn to be comfortable in multiple conflict situations, and always provide the audience with immeasurable entertainment value! We’ve helped teams improve sales, customer satisfaction and employee well-being after just one session, so call us and find out how we can help your organization today.


Program details:

Who: Your team and an expert OutLoud coach

Where: Your place of work or other convenient venue

When: The date(s) of your choosing, and a meet up beforehand to discuss content and details


Before the event:

  • Initial conversation about what you need to make your event a success

  • Outline from OutLoud of proposed content (with any revisions you may want to make)

At the event:

  • Powerpoint Presentation on OutLoud Philosophies, Techniques and Best Practices

  • heatrical warm up with the team on their feet

  • Breakout groups to practice acting techniques like “imaging” and improv to practice empathetic listening and open communication

  • “Demo Role Play Coaching”; volunteers from the audience stand up to be coached by Will in front of the audience, in a role play format, to demonstrate “good and bad” communication tactics, with audience discussion and feedback (always funny and exciting!)

  • Q & A for audience to clarify or discuss any outstanding issues

Next Steps


Schedule a free phone consultation with an OutLoud coach


Discuss the desired content and goals for the event


Book an OutLoud Workshop to ignite your team!