Origin story

One day, at the University of Toronto, two family friends met in the basement of the Bahen science building. Nicky was an award-winning actor who had helped Will with many auditions and to get into theatre school. She was also a public speaking coach, and she’d invited Will to sit in on her “poster coaching” class, helping MSc students with their research presentations.

She knew Will had been an English teacher overseas as well as an actor, and she wanted him to see the work in case she ever needed a substitute. Within 5 minutes, a lightbulb had gone off in Will’s head as he watched her transform shy, introverted students to dynamic performers in a matter of minutes. “This is exactly what I do with MY students!” he thought.They went for coffee afterwards and realized the way they worked with people was based off their shared theatrical training and a deep curiosity about people, psychology and communication. 6 months later, OutLoud Speakers School was born.

Now they have 9 incredible coaches trained in their method, they’ve worked for some of the biggest companies in the world like Google, Wayfair and Ericsson, and grown their company to world-wide recognition with clients in every continent on earth (except Antarctica... but one day!). This special OutLoud Method they’ve developed is continuing to grow, and Nicky and Will hope to give everyone around the world, regardless of background, access to the confidence and skills to tell their story and make a difference.

Will Bio

“ Hi, there! I’m Will Greenblatt, co-founder, and CEO of OutLoud Speakers School. I’m an actor, founder and speaking coach. At OutLoud, we envision a world where everyone, regardless of their background, can create their own Powerful Pitch and tell their story with confidence and passion! Keep scrolling to hear from my co-founder Nicky.”

- Will Greenblatt

Nicky Bio

“NICKY GUADAGNI has more than 25 years experience as a public speaking coach with The Humphrey Group, TKB Hanna and Associates and freelance. She has served clients from a wide range of corporations across every industry, as well as government and public institutions. Academics, students, interviewees and anyone facing an unaccustomed speaking engagement – all have been helped by Nicky’s tried and true methods.

She has been nominated for five Geminis for her acting on television and won the award twice. She has taught acting skills and directed at George Brown College, the National Theatre School of Canada and UCDrama at the University of Toronto. In 2016 she started OutLoud Speakers School with Will Greenblatt. They shared an unbridled enthusiasm for employing acting rehearsal techniques to help their clients become better communicators.”

-Nicky Guadagni

Meet our

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Lynn Woodman

Lynn is an actress and voice, movement, speech & text coach, and educator. She began her professional career in 1979 when she graduated from a prestigious theatre school in Vancouver, Canada. She loves working with both actors and non-actors alike, and rejoices in every person’s progress and successes.

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Alessandra Vite

Alessandra is an improviser and writer who is a contributor for “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, “The Beaverton”, and CBC radio's "Because News".
Recently she teaches with Bad Dog Theatre, The Second City, and Outloud Speakers School. Alessandra has also performed with The Second City Touring Company, and was the former Head Writer and cast member of the Comedy Bar produced sketch show "Sunday Night Live with The Sketchersons”.

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Emilie Plante

After growing up as a Third Culture Kid in Asia and Europe, Emilie studied Professional Theatre at Dawson College in Montreal. Currently enrolled in a Creative Writing certificate, she teaches Business English and conversational French part-time. Coaching with OutLoud allows Emilie to combine her love of acting and teaching.

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Rachel Jones

Rachel is a professional actor, performance coach, facilitator, trainer and learning designer based in Toronto. She has close to twenty years of experience in the field of adult learning. Rachel holds a Masters degree in English, and is currently ABD on a PhD. She works in both English and French.

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Edmund Stapleton

Edmund is a theatre artist from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. He holds degrees in Acting, English Literature and Philosophy as well as Master’s degree in Theatre Direction.

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Andrew Packer

Andrew is a stand up comedian, improviser, actor and content creator. Andrew has headlined multiple national stand up comedy tours in Canada from coast to coast and performed in over 15 countries. Check him out on Tiktok & Instagram where his comedic content has amassed over 80 million views and over 430K followers (@andpacker).