3 Benefits For Entrepreneurs In This Digital Age (& How To Take Advantage)

Will Greenblatt

February 21, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard of this whole “global pandemic” thing lately. It’s been quite a f*cking bummer, and millions around the world are struggling to adapt. For entrepreneurs, especially those who speak in public as part of their living, when it hit, it seemed like the end of our businesses as we knew them. No conferences, no start-up events, no pitch competitions, no networking, no keynotes, no nothin’.

Except, like life itself according to Jeff Goldblum’s sleazy scientist in Jurassic Park, these things found a way. Collision, the top tech conference in the world supposed to be held in Toronto for the second year in a row in 2020, went completely virtual. Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within has pivoted to a online experience, and his legion of fans are still thrilled to pay for it. And across the world, companies are starting to see the benefits of remote communication, from saving travel costs, to reaching clients that never would have been possible before.

Last month, I worked with several TechStars groups, which have always been very diverse, but these cohorts featured founders living in Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, and the UK on top of the Canadian and American members. These out-of-country founders were able to access the incredible resources that TechStars provides without having to pack up and move across the world.

The lesson that founders can learn from all this is to broaden the mind of what’s possible, in terms of how you can reach, service and connect to customers in this new era. Most experts agree things will never be the same after Covid-19, so here are 3 HUGE benefits to entrepreneurs in this new digital age, that you can start embracing and learning how to take advantage of:

1.    Scalability – if you’re like me, you have a huge issue with spreading yourself too thin. Most or all of your company’s processes need your oversight or direct involvement to function, and your clients want to talk to YOU whenever they have questions or need the product delivered. This leads to a max capacity of how big your company can get, even as your revenue and team expands. With virtual video conferencing replacing in person interactions as an expected matter of course, why not leverage pre-recorded video to answer FAQ’s, educate clients and prospects and create training content? Live convos are obviously the most desirable, but as everyone is adjusting, try setting expectations that people on your team and customers of yours can access your expertise through a series of videos, either on your website, a YouTube channel, or sent individually through tools like Loom or Screencastify. This will allow you to spend less time working IN your business, and more time working ON it, allowing for growth, less stress, and more freedom for you personally.

2.    The death of “professionalism” – this god-awful concept is the worst deterrent for good public speaking and communication skills. Professionalism makes us think we have to appear as a high functioning robot, emotionless, super-efficient and absolutely error-free. Of course, nobody is like this in real life, but the desire to portray this avatar to the public leads to boring, unenthusiastic, jargon-heavy and and timid speeches, presentations and pitches. We are so afraid of being seen as “unprofessional” that we lower our Volume, Pitch and Physical & Facial Expressiveness (components of OutLoud’s Speech Settings, discussed here) to a bland, please-all tone that pleases no one. Now, with the curtain being pulled back, national politicians holding toddlers as they host meetings and high-profile news anchors getting caught with their pants down quite literally, we all know the façade is over. Allow this collective understanding to soothe your nerves, lower the stakes of each pitch or sales call, and just TALK to people as fellow humans, instead of trying to impress them. The results will speak for themselves.

3.    Rent-free Live Events – NOW is the time to organize that monthly sales presentation, or speaker’s series, or webinar that you’ve been putting off; the ROI for getting people together has never been higher due to the ultra-low cost. No need for fancy boardrooms, hotel conference spaces or convention centres; set something up on Eventbrite, post it on your social media and get attention, recognition and leads for your business, through the awesome power of live events. Do this, as soon as possible so you can work out the kinks and learn from your experiences, because virtual events are just getting started, so don’t allow yourself to fall behind. As mentioned above, the big players are jumping into online with both feet, and there’s room for everyone in this pool. 

Start to take advantage of these 3 things, and your company will thrive in this new digital age. Additionally, invest in some decent audio and lighting equipment, which can make a world of difference.

What has inspired you as a founder in the new post/mid-pandemic world? And what would you like to me to write about next? Tell me in the comments, and please like and share if you think this could help someone!

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